INDIVIDUAL ADULT THERAPY: Individual therapy is an opportunity to work through a wide range of long-standing or present-time concerns and issues related to yourself, your relationships, your work, or your place in the world around you. It is an opportunity to receive experienced, personalized, focused support that often brings about significant internal and external changes. We’ll draw upon your existing strengths and unique life experiences as you’re supported in making important discoveries about yourself, expanding your range of choices about how you relate and respond, and overcoming obstacles to your happiness and optimal functioning. To learn more about Individual Adult Therapy, Click Here.

ADOLESCENT AND CHILD THERAPY: Therapy for teens and children can be a precious opportunity to identify and alleviate many common social, emotional, psychological, and behavioral problems and concerns, before they’ve become as deeply ingrained and habituated as they can become with adults. Therapy often includes other family members as well, depending on the youth’s age and the nature of the presenting issues, which can further support and accelerate treatment progress and lead to unexpected benefits for the whole family. To learn more about Adolescent and Child Therapy, Click Here.

COUPLES AND FAMILY THERAPY: The gift of couples and family therapy is that it can be “high leverage” work, and having primary partners or family members together in the room at the same time offers powerful, real-time opportunities to learn about and change undesirable patterns and behaviors. Therapy draws upon existing individual and family strengths, and supports the best and most authentic parts of each person to participate and be heard. Couples and families can expect to develop more satisfying relationships, clearer and more honest communication, and improvement in problematic behaviors and dynamics. To learn more about Couples and Family Therapy, Click Here.

GROUP THERAPY: Group therapy and facilitated support groups are a proven, economical, highly effective way to address a broad range of issues and personal growth needs in a culture of shared focus, authenticity, and collaborative support. Diverse perspectives, the opportunity to give and receive feedback, and the energy of multiple participants creates a dynamic and enriching environment for growth, learning, and connection. Groups are organized around specific themes or geared towards certain populations. To learn more about groups as well as current openings, Click Here.

If you are interested in finding out more about how therapy works I encourage you to continue reading about My Approach, or call 415-312-0318 with questions or for a free initial phone consultation.